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    We’ve been working with our own startups and companies since 2010, always using digital strategy and digital marketing to grow our businesses. Our real life experience and broad skillset within digital strategy makes us credible when it comes to understanding how everything is connected in your company, from HR ,complaints, products to economy, process and decision making.

    We’re data driven and we’re always protecting your ROI. And by the way, did we say we only work with companies and entrepreneurs with a clear focus in sustainability? 

  • Marketing

    We know and understand marketing. By working only with the best people in each segment we have the ability and capacity to make you successful online. Our partners are top tier within adwords, SEO, social, performance marketing and digital marketing. Our efforts are always driven by data and all our work is being done with the results in mind.


    Growing a company is more than just adding customers. It’s about keeping the quality in your user experience as your company grow and the team gets bigger. By helping you with your digital strategy, process improvement, digital infrastructure and communications we help you succeed growing your biz to new heights.


    Born digital. We know the latest trends, source the latest and best software solutions and we know how to translate the ongoing mega trends and applicate those to your business. We help you succeed in your digital transformation and at the same time educate you to be as relevant tomorrow as you are today.

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    Don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’ll help you do a digital analyse of your business or just have a chat about digital marketing or growth management. Push that button and send your message!