About us

  • Backing the good ones

    Mission statement

    Kyoko is working for long term sustainable growth, for our clients and for our planet. We do this by backing companies and entrepreneurs we believe in. The work we do aims to not make any unecessary negative impact on the global balance sheet.

    We’re going to use business to inspire people to care mor about the environment and the  planet we live on.

    Our reason for being

    Kyoko grew out of frustration that not enough actions and resources we’re taken or used for the good of the one and only planet we have. We want more intelligent and great people focus their time working on businesses and products that help us keep this planet healthy.

    We’ve taken it as our mission to help and accelerate businesses and entrepreneurs with the goal to make this world and planet a better place for the generations to come by using our competence within digital strategy, digital marketing and growth management.

    As we see it – the greater work and results we at Kyoko delivers to our partners – the better it is for the planet itself. We’re all for making an impact and we want to show the world that you don’t have to be big to accomplish big.


  • Guiding principles

    Guiding principles

    The planet always comes first. Then the customer.

    Always be honest and do the right thing.

    Focus on solutions – not problems.

    Always push the limits for whats possible.

    True commitment and heart for the customer.

    Communicate more rather than less.

    Driven by data.

  • Using our knowledge in favour of the planet

    Dan Lainio

    Dan Lainio


    What if we could start a digital agency helping companies that sells products or services that are having a great impact on the global balance sheet? Still focusing on ROI, the latest technology and top tier service. Said and done! Welcome to Kyoko.

  • Get in touch

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any inquiries or questions. We love to hang out with driven people and discussing digital strategy, startups, environment and marketing.